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Pete Schafer

Sent in via email March 16, 2004


I want you to know that I have been a huge fan of your website for the last couple of years and access frequently for updates and for my personal research into the site.

I became aware of the cemetery back in 1998 when I purchased the book Uninvited by Sharon Jarvis. I have been hooked on the place since then.

In fact, in June of 1991 I had to pick my cousin Larry up from O'Hare, (I was living in Michigan at that time but currently I am enrolled at Sacred Heart School of Theology in Hales Corners, Wisconsin.) and anyway, I did decided to leave home early so I could make a side trip to the Grove and check out the place.

I arrived at about 11:00 a.m. and it was a hot, sticky day as I drove down the Midlothian turnpike. Apparently I blew right by the entrance to the cemetery and instead ended up in the parking lot of the preserve itself.

Not knowing exactly where the cemetery was I got out of my car and headed down a trail in the preserve looking for the place. (I should say that there were only a couple of empty cars in the lot at this time.) While wandering down this trail, I met a couple of guys who smiled and nodded as I walked deeper into the woods. I continued deeper in the woods and I was wondering, "where the hell is the cemetery?" I thought that maybe I started on the wrong path so I turned back and headed back to my parking lot. On my way back I met a man walking towards me and I asked him, "Can you tell me where Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is?" and he said, "I'm sorry friend, I've never heard of it." This guy kind of spooked me me out and I thought, "How can it be this guy is near one of the most haunted cemeteries in Illinois, if not the world, and yet has never heard of it?" I thanked him an continued back to my car. By this time it was getting closer to noon and a lot for cars were pulling in and out of the lot and many people were milling about. I then noticed that it was all ...GUYS!!..."Yikes!", I thought. I quickly got back in my car and decided that is not a place I should be.

Not quite discouraged yet though, I drove around the area and stumbled upon a/the park ranger's station and asked a guy getting out of a county vehicle if he could point me in the direction of the location. He asked, "Why?" and I told him that I was from Michigan, was in town to pick up my cousin at the airport, had read about the place and just wanted to see it. He said, "Follow me." and got back into his truck.

As we drew near the entrance, he pointed it out and continued on. I parked in the car lot across from the trail entrance and was thrilled to be heading into this place that I had read about. I WAS JAZZED UP!!

Well Pete, I remember reading in Jarvis' book that the interior of the cemetery is often 10 degrees or cooler than outside of the fence and much to my dismay, it was as hot and humid on the outside as it was on the inside. She also said that the cemetery is devoid of fauna that teems on the outside of the fences. Well, to be honest Pete, the squirrels and birds were present inside as well.

I was not completely disappointed though as I did see the Fulton/ infant daughter graves, the haunted lagoon, and evidence of people holding occult rituals and trying to dig up graves but, even back then in the summer of 1991, there was very clear evidence of the cemetery being abandoned and abused and that did sadden me. To me cemeteries should be places where one can relax and reflect on the meaning of life in peace while the residents of the cemetery can rest in peace.

The upshot of all this Pete is, that here at Sacred Heart, there are a few guys who are interested in making the hour and half journey from Hales Corners to Bachelors' Grove to check it and other haunts in that general area such as the cemetery on Archer Avenue where resurrection Mary has been spotted.

In fact, one of my mentors, Father Brian McCullough, who happens to be a native of the south side of Chicago, is really campaigning for the trip. I told him that if nothing else, we must spend time at The Grove and take pictures.

So hopefully I will be back in The Grove in the next few weeks with a camera or audio equipment!

Pete, keep up the interesting work on your site and know that it is appreciated. I always enjoy your emails informing of updates to your site.


Pete Schafer
Seminarian and Ghost Hunter