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Phil Brandis

Sent in via email December 31, 2001

Hello, my name is Phil brandis. I've been researching paranormal activity for quite some time now, and have just recently been completely serious to it!! last night I had taken my first full moon night excursion into the grove. it was around 2 am and it was about 10 degrees outside. trying not to breath while shooting my pictures off wasn't too much fun, but I didn't want any unwanted exposures. vie been to the grove on several occasions and didn't feel any negative feelings at all!!! until last night! stupidly I went alone but that's ok, I'm usually not afraid of too much! it wasn't until I passed through the cemetery gates. that's when I felt the feeling of fear. it felt as though I was surrounded. again I've been there before and have never felt this feeling. could there have been some abnormal activity because of the illumination of the full moon? whatever it was I was scared. the audio I had taken didn't turn out so well seeing that after I finished shooting off a entire roll of 800 film, I ran out of there literally like a bat out of hell. the entire time it felt as though I was being chased! this was all too weird for me, but I am not going to let fear come between me and the knowledge of the truth! I hope you can enjoy my story for it is real.