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RJ Acosta

Sent in via email July 07, 2007

Three friends and I visited Bachelor's Grove Cemetary around Midnight a year ago. We brought with us two flashlights and our cell phones. I must first say that I do not scare easily and although I have an interest in supposed paranormal activity, I do not necessarily believe in ghosts or spirits. That is until this night. We entered the grove walking along the wooded path, using the moon to guide the way as we did not want to be seen from the road. About 20 feet from the entrance gate we decided it was safe to turn on our flashlights. However, to our concern, we found that the flashlights which shown brightly in the car previous to our arrival would not turn on. A little creeped out but not deterred we pressed forward assuming battery failure. We walked into the cemetary to eery silence, toppled trees, and cracked graved markers. Becoming slightly dissapointed at the current state of things in the cemetary we decided to look around. Nothing Peculiar began to happen until we found the pond, which is now an eerily silent swamp. As we pressed deeper a frog began to croak somewhere on the far side of the pond. Moving slowly on the banks, we began to notice that what sounded like one frog was becoming an ever louder chorus of croaking and groaning. The sound was unlike any I've ever heard before. It surrounded us, deafeningly loud to the point where I had to plug my ears in order to continue. At that point we all started to get a little cold and a little creeped out so we decided to turn back. Stopping for a few camera phone photos with the grave stones, which did not turn out, we noticed as soon as we left that the croaking had stopped. Continuing our way out, just for kicks I decided to try out our flashlights, and at about the same point as before, the lights flickered and came on. After pausing for a second, we walked rather quickly out of the wood. As I noted before I am not necessarily a believer in ghosts, however there is no doubt in my mind that what I experienced that night was of the strange and paranormal.

RJ Acosta - Chicago, Illinois

ARCHIVE NOTATION:  Flashlight fails to turn on at the entrance. Later it works.