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© 2005 - Rob (private)

Sent in via email February 03, 2005

Tonight, me and my friend visited Bachelor's Grove. I've been there before, and nothing too out of the ordinary has happened. Tonight was an exception. We went into the cemetary and down by the infamous pond. My friend immediately got a bad feeling with the chills, just as everybody else does I've gone there with when down by the pond. He was surveying the area by the pond, and as I glimpsed into the sky where I saw a white flash in the trees. It might have been my mind playing tricks on me. Who knows? We decided to leave, and as we were leaving I noticed something wrong with one of the tree's close to the exit. The tree had a white-ish glowing tint to it. To make sure I was not mistaken, I asked my friend did he see anything and pointed in the general direction of the tree without mentioning what I saw. He said he saw the same thing I did, a glowing tree. The tree was glowing, without any light in the cemetary, among other regular colored trees. He also saw something I didn't see. In the branches of the tree he saw a figure, the same color as the glow, but it was slightly moving. He was freaked out so we left. As we were leaving, he kept glancing into the forest right outside the grove. He would put his head down and walk faster. Not until we hit the Midlothian Turnpike did he mention that what he saw was a figure of a girl in a dress appearing in the outside forest every time he glanced over into it. He also mentioned that the figure in the tree reminded him of when he was younger his father would put him in a tree and he would dangle his feet. Also, as we got outside the forest, the tree seemed to return to it's normal color of brown. As we approached the car we heard a dog barking in the forest. On the way into the forest, and our time spent in the cemetary, we heard no dog. By the time we exited the forest it was 11pm. Who would let their dog out at 11pm? Certain things may be explained, but this night was very paranormal.

ARCHIVE NOTATION:  Humanoid figure in white with glowing eyes is witnessed near the entrance to the cemetery.