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Rob Anicich

© 2003 - Rob Anicich

Monday, October 27, 2003

My three friends and I decided to go to Bachelor's grove. We arrived at the Rubio Woods parking lot and then walked across the street to the entrance. As we walked down the path in the dark a squirrel ran into the path and gave us a good scare. That wouldn't even come close to what happened later. We made it to the cemetery and walked around for about two minutes. One of my friends claimed to see a house and he had never heard the stories about bachelor's grove. No one else saw it though. Then we decided to leave and meet up with our other friends who were yet to come. We left the cemetery and were about 5 feet from the gate when my friend Mario said "Holy S**t what the hell is that?" We all looked over to where he was pointing only to discover a figure standing there. It was dressed in white. I saw its upper body an outline of its face and its two glowing eyes but could not see its lower body. (The eyes were glowing as someone's eyes would when you shine a flashlight in them) The spooky thing is, none of us had a flashlight, or any light for that matter. The figure scared the hell out of us. All that you could see was it, and the plants around it, and it was pitch black. The figure moved toward us either by hopping over a branch or walking I am unsure which. Anyway I know that we were not imagining it because when it moved branches cracked around it and leaves crunched under its feet. We all ran, the fastest I had ever run in my life. About three quarters of the way down the path I had to stop, I couldn't breathe. We met up with our friends by the van. They had just arrived. No one else walked out of the woods after us. We just stood in the parking lot for about half an hour telling our stunned friends what we had seen. I will never forget what I saw that night.

Rob Anicich