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Robert Bullen

© 2002 - Robert Bullen

Sent in via email June 17, 2002

This weekend we visited the infamous Bachelor's Grove. I am glad I went. I am expecting to get some pictures developed sometime in the near future. Maybe something will turn up?

It took us forever to find the place because it was on a small dirt path off of the main highway. We drove around in circles, and we thought it was the spirits creating our confusion like in "The Blair Witch Project" when they kept going around in circles. That is how we felt, and we laughed at ourselves. When we finally found the trail, we walked down it and my heart started pounding. After about five minutes of walking, I looked up and there it was: An abandoned and legendary cemetery. When we walked through the busted fence into the cemetery, I felt very odd. The place just had a feeling of creepiness and a sort of sadness. Even though it was a gorgeous day out, I still felt like something was amiss.

There were remains of ritual activity around the cemetery such as candle wax and beads and such. Because it is widely known as one of the most haunted spots in North America, it attracts all kinds of people. There was one part of the cemetery that made me feel very odd. Every time I looked in that particular direction, I felt unease. There also seemed to be a sort of slight haze over that area, which did not make sense since it was a perfect day outside. It is very hard to explain. I decided to walk through the over grown weeds and check out what was over there. Those that are familiar with the cemetary, it was the area to the left of the family burial plot. By family burial plot, I mean the stones that say "infant daughter" and "father." It is off of the path a couple of feet next to the chain link fence. I stood in the spot that made me feel the oddest, and I looked down. I was standing in the middle of an old burial plot: I was surrounded by 4 stones in a rectangle that formed around me. I was just freaked out and jumped out of there. I could not see the burial plot before then because it was covered with weeds, but I felt something there. We took several pictures hoping to have caught some spooky activity of film.

I took a couple of rocks from the grounds. I don't really know why. I think I wanted to do some sort of séance. But, now I am not so sure. I just know that whenever I hold the stones, a cold chill runs through me. I also feel very uncomfortable in my apartment now. I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye when I lease expect them. I am not sure if it is just me being dramatic, or if taking those stones was a bad idea. Perhaps I should get rid of the stones?