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© 2009 - Sharon (private)

Sent in via email January 16, 2009

In the winter of 2002, my friend, her boyfriend, and I traveled to Bachelors Grove. It was a cloudy Saturday in February, around 1 in the afternoon on a rather mild winter day. We entered Bachelors Grove but the graveyard was cut off. We chose then to walk along this one forest path instead, which was eerie as I remember all these "satanic" symbols and words being spray-painted to the trees. That was my biggest worry at the time; running into any gangs there.

As we walked, we noticed that every ten feet or so, branches would be down, lying in the middle of the path. The branches ranged from small piles of sticks to several large tree branches that we assumed had been dragged by people. We laughed, believing it was a trick to make people feel freaked out.

However, as we began to take on a very strange and eerie nature. The branches got bigger and bigger...until we basically came across a fallen tree, lying in the middle of the path. I remember my friend wanting to turn around then, but her boyfriend insisted we keep going, so we climbed over the tree and continued onward. We continued to come across large piles of fallen branches, and eventually another fallen tree, this one even bigger and making it even harder to climb over.

Was something trying to keep us from continuing our journey? I think yes, because after climbing over that tree, and seeing yet more and more fallen branches and tree limbs littering the path, we stopped dead in our tracks as we looked up...and a good 50 feet in front of us, was a pack of what looked like wolves, stopping and staring right back at us. Now they could have been dogs or even coyotes (I know wolves are critically endangered in Illinois, especially in the Chicagoland area), but whatever they were, I didn't care. They were staring right at us...and I took that as a sign that we needed to turn around right then and there.

So without any argument, we did just that. We climbed back over the fallen trees, stepped over every pile of branches, limbs, and twigs, not once looking back to see if we were still be watched (or worse, followed), and went straight to the car.

I'm not a disbeliever in ghosts or the paranormal, but I do think that nine times out of ten, "haunted" experiences can be debunked. Yet this was one experience that I can't explain. Sure, someone may say "two trees had fallen and obviously to create a spookier atmosphere, people had littered the path with branches and sticks." But how does that explain the animals? They were real, and they were staring right at us. Coincidence? Perhaps...but even so, a very freaky one at that!