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Shaun David Perz
February 2020

When I first went to Bachelors Grove cemetery. This person was over there wearing the same thing, red shirt blue suspenders. I asked him why do you always wear the same thing and he looked at me and said next time when you come here I will have something different on and I was like okay. A year later he had on a silver and blue sports jacket and he looked right at me when I walked in the cemetery and said hey I got something different on now. I was like, wait a second you remember that for a whole year, wow that freaked me out. And the other thing that happened to me with him is me and my friends went through the creek to go up the hill, and I'm telling you right now there's no way to get up on top of the hill because there's chain link fences going through the cemetery and everything, you had to walk up there by yourself and he was in the cemetery talking to some people. Then as me and my friend left the cemetery he appeared on top of the hill saying I don't know why you guys are coming up here there's nothing up here, and we just told him we just want to see what's up here, he said there's nothing here and then I told we are the clean up crew he said that's my job and then we went down the way we came up and I don't know but this guy disappeared. There's no way you can get from up the hill he's a cemetery in like three minutes this guy was at the tippy top of the hill and disappeared. I was like where did he go that was quick so he's a ghost. He is called the gatekeeper I guess.