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I first heard of Bachelors Grove, in Midlothian, Illinois, through some friends, many years ago. I heard all sorts of stories about this cemetery, ranging from floating orbs and floating houses, to a witches cult that practiced there. Being open minded to the experience, I soon checked it out for myself. The first time, I had gone with two friends, late at night. While nothing out of the ordinary happened, I did feel unusually scared, I felt there was pure evil in that place, and vowed never to go back. I guess you can say, I still remained curious, as I went back several times after that. However, it was the last time, I actually SAW something. The last time I went to Bachelors Grove, I went with two other friends, it was spring time, a really nice day, and it was still light out. There is a path in a forest you have to walk down before you actually get to the cemetery. We did not make it that far. Half way along the path, I was looking straight in front of me, when I noticed something whitish and blurry. I stopped in my tracks and just kept staring at the same spot. This ghost that was blurry, slowly seemed as if he was coming into focus. It was a man, he had an intense look on his face, his brows were tight, as if he was concerned or thinking hard, he had a hat on, a coat, a shirt, but it all appeared somewhat old fashioned, as like something out of the 1920's or 1930's. I could see the top of his legs, but they kind of disappeared, right above his knees. He didn't move, he didn't say anything, he just stood there, looking at me very sternly. I have to admit, considering this was the first ghost I ever saw, I was very scared. I pointed in the direction where I saw this ghost, I asked my friends if they saw it, they said no. I can't explain why I saw it, and they didn't. All I can tell you, is I know what I saw, and I saw a ghost. Even though my friends didn't see the ghost, I asked one of my friends to take a picture in the area where I saw the ghost. She took two pictures and we left. When we got the film back, we noticed something strange. The two pictures from Bachelors Grove weren't there. We looked through the negatives and noticed that the two pictures we took, were completely white, which means the pictures we took in that forest path, came out pitch black, and that's why the photo developer didn't print them. Also, every other picture on that role, the ones before those two pictures, and the ones after, were perfectly fine, and no abnormalities what so ever. My friend and I did speak with the photo developer, and asked him for any reasons why those two pictures came out black, but we didn't tell him WHY we wanted to know. Every possible explanation he came up with, was ruled out for one reason or another. I truly believe those pictures came out black because of the ghost. Even though the ghost didn't say or do anything to me, I strongly sensed he didn't want me or my friends there, and obviously, he didn't want to be photographed either. Since that time, I have not been back.

ARCHIVE NOTATION: A white humanoid figure is witnessed wearing a hat, coat and shirt. Some parts of the figure were transparent.