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Stephanie Blum

© 2007 Stephanie Blum

Story sent in via email September 08, 2007

I live about 25 minutes away from Bachelor's Grove. Well, the first time i went was Tuesday September 4th, 2007 at around 7 PM.. We walked around the cemetery and stuff, and on the path to the back, i took tons of pictures, where ever there was a noise I'd snap a picture. We all heard different noises.. Well i went home and looked at my pictures and one actually has a transparent face in it. There are TONS of Orbs and random Lights... It's very weird. Well i liked it so much me and 2 of my friends decided to go again on Friday, the same week. We were walking down the path and i got this REALLY bad feeling, my friend (who loves the whole creepy ghost thing more than anyone ever) even had a bad feeling. There was footsteps following us but we all pretended not to hear it so we could actually make it to the cemetery. We got in, its broad daylight. I was VERY creeped out in there, we walked about 50 feet in on the path and everything seemed okay.. Then to the right there was fast-paced footsteps and we all looked at each other like " did u hear that?!!?!" and we RAN out of there, the foot steps were like 2 feet in front of us!!! It was the scariest moment of my entire life.