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Sent in via Messenger June 16, 2011

Hi Pete - I thought I would pass on a story about Bachelors Grove. We had a family reunion two weekends ago, and I was talking with one cousin who still lives in Illinois. Her dad was the only one of my dad's brothers and sister's that stayed in Illinois when my grandfather moved the family to Texas in the 1930's. The talk turned to BG and she told me about visiting the cemetry with her dad in the 50's and 60's. She said our great grandparents headstone was still standing and under a lilac tree. She also told a story of her dad coming home from a visit and being really pissed off about the vandalism. He got his pistol and spent the next night in BG, but no one came that night. This was in the early 60's she said. Probably a good thing no one came back or my Uncle would've been in jail.

Steve (private)