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Steve Schorn

Sent in via email June 8, 2004

Credit to Dale Kaczmarek of Oak Lawn, IL for sending in this material.

Yeah, it was bachelor's grove. We took midlothian turnpike onto this residential road and we parked there. When we were in the actual cemetary we didnt see much, our friend tristan had been there a few times so he took us deep into the woods. He took us to the big hole in the ground, that was across a small stream, he told us the well used to give the "phantom house" water when it was standing. I'm not too sure about this, maybe he was just kidding around, what do you think? About the white figure, it seemed like a very tall white woman, she was kindof leaning over and she had a long white dress on. I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me at first, but when the other girl who was with us meantioned something about it, i was shocked. Another thing, tristan was telling us something about some money grave, supposively really deep in the woods someone is buried with money in the grave or something, this sounds like a stupid rumor but i was just wondering if you had heard anything about it.

Steve Schorn