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Sue Westfall

Sent in via email October 21, 2007

Credit to Dale Kaczmarek of Oak Lawn, IL for sending in this material.

Hi Dale, I enjoyed your ghost tour yesterday October 20th. Per our discussion about the picture that I took at Bachelor's Grove on Mother's Day 2007 I have attached a copy of it. Like I described it was a beautiful sunny day and the mist that I captured was not visible to the naked eye. This year I brought my EMF with me. As my daughter and I walked around the Cemetery I was getting low readings (.2, .3, etc.). When the EMF spiked up to 4.7 I told my daughter to take a picture. The attached is what we caught. It's some kind of mist and the middle you can see sort of a arch which looks like a side profile of a man wearing a hat. The bottom portion of his body is missing. Thanks so much for looking at this picture.

Sue Westfall