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In October 1998, my husband and I went to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. We were both skeptical of the stories we had heard, but we were really interested in checking it out for ourselves. We arrived at the gate at dusk. I would say it was around 5PM. There wasn't another person in sight. We did not pass anyone on the way in, or anywhere in the area. At first, we did not notice anything unusual. We commented on how peaceful it was, but also how sad it was that the place had been desecrated. We walked the entire cemetery trying to read the head stones and learn something about those that were buried there. I would say that it took about an hour to inspect all of them. Each of us was fascinated with two stones in particular. My husband with a very old, weathered stone. Me, with a stone that lay on its side. As I walked around the stone I slipped and fell onto it. I immediately felt an odd vibration. I thought that it might be from a truck on the busy road outside, but when I stood up the sensation stopped. I placed my hand on the stone and could feel the vibration again. As I turned to walk away, my ankle gave way and I almost fell back onto it again. I caught myself and hurriedly walked towards my husband. I did not mention the incident to him. We then decided to walk outside the fence of the cemetery to check out what was in the woods that surround Bachelor's Grove. We walked around the outside of the chain-length fence of the cemetery. I noticed something pink in the cemetery and moved closer for a better look. It struck me as very peculiar. There were two fresh, perfect, beautiful tulips laid on top of a small headstone. The stems were crossed and they were in a perfect X on the stone. I squatted to get yet another look. I wondered how we could have missed those before. We then walked down by a creek, and then decided to go back to the cemetery before heading back to the car (it was getting dark). So, here are the events as they happened: As we walked from the creek and toward the gate, we noticed a very strong odor. Neither of us could place it. I have never smelled of rotting flesh, but that is the first thing that we thought of. We decided that there was probably a dead animal somewhere in the brush. It then dawned on us that when we were crossing the exact same path as the one we used to go to the creek and didn’t notice the odor before. We looked around and didn’t see anything, so we resumed our walk to the gate. My husband was walking several feet in front of me. With no warning a large limb fell from a tree and narrowly missed hitting him. Again, we dismissed it (it’s just the wind) and kept walking. Then, another limb fell, then another. They did not fall anywhere else around us. They were falling behind each of us. Each one so close that I could feel the air from it as it passed my head. We were never hit. The limbs fell continuously until we reached the gate to the cemetery. At that point, we were (obviously) a little spooked. As we entered the cemetery again, we immediately noticed the calmness. As we looked around, we could see the wind moving directly outside the parameter of the cemetery, but not a leaf was moving inside. The wind was swirling around the cemetery. It looked like we were in a whirlpool. We felt nothing, but could see the powerful winds circling above us. After a few seconds, the wind stopped. Maybe it was just coincidence. Maybe it meant nothing. We didn’t know. We were nervous, and still curious. More than anything, I wanted to see the tulips that I had seen from the other side of the fence. As I made my way down to the stone that had the tulips, I didn’t see the flowers. There was nothing there. Thinking that the wind had blown them away (although we felt no wind inside the cemetery), I began to look among the leaves that covered the ground. I found two tulips. They were pink, but they were silk, and very weathered. Much of the fabric was brown and it was frayed around the edges. I sat on the ground for a short time and held the tulips not believing what I was seeing. I crossed the tulips and lay them on top of the stone as I had seen them a few moments ago. My husband then called to me. He was standing by the headstone that he was looking at earlier. It sounds silly, but there was a lifesaver on top of the headstone. It was not weathered or worn, but it was very dirty. It was a white lifesaver (like wintergreen or peppermint). We are sure that is was not there before. We then left the cemetery, leaving the lifesaver in exactly where it was.

I am going to condense the next part of our story. Immediately after our visit to Bachelor’s Grove, our lives changed. Here is what happened: 1.Our bed shook at night. We saw shadows in the bedroom day and night. 2.A black shape followed me constantly in the stairwell of our apartment building. He seemed afraid. Eventually my husband made me assure him that I would no longer use the stairs. 3.Once I saw the dark figure out of the corner of my eye while I was looking in the mirror in my bathroom. As I turned to walk out of the bathroom to see if it was real, I found that I could not move beyond the first step outside of my bathroom. It was as though there was a glass wall. I pushed against it, and after a few seconds, it gave way and I fell into the wall. My husband and I started sleeping in the living room on the sofa bed. We agreed that we would not go into the bedroom alone unless absolutely necessary. Approximately one month after our visit to Bachelor’s Grove, we broke our lease and moved out of the apartment. Since then, nothing has happened. If these were spirits, we left them behind. My husband thinks that they may have been trying to tell us to leave the apartment. We will probably never know why this happened. At this point, all we can do is speculate.