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Two trips to Bachelor's Grove in June of 1998, were made by me. The first trip was on a Saturday in early June and I went in the company of another TPRA member and it was a perfectly clear night. I had an experience prior to entering the cemetery, across the street from the cemetery entrance off the turnpike. We were across the street and about to cross when I saw a black dog coming out of the entrance..... I commented on it and my companion did not see it! He never saw it... despite me being able to see it perfectly clear in the nearby light of the street lamp. Little else happened that night except that we thought we heard unexplained voices. Our thermal scanner did detect rapid and extreme temperature changes though there was no wind. The scanner was ranging from 55 degrees down to 1 below zero and it changed very fast! The second trip took place on June 13 (one week later) and I drove there with some friends who are not really interested in ghosts. We walked the same route as I did the week prior and when we got to the same spot where I saw the dog.... I couldn't believe it but there it was again. This time, it was in better detail and more clear to me. It was a black dog, and I believe it was a Doberman. It seemed to be guarding the entry path to the cemetery from the turnpike. The dog was again clearly visible thanks to the nearby street light. On this night, however, 2 of my friends also saw the dog.... but the other three did not! My 2 friends described the dog to me just as I was seeing it and we all gasped together when the dog faded little by little until it was completely gone. It didn't move, it just disappeared. Regardless, ALL of us had a very strong feeling not to go into the cemetery. I later spoke to Dale Kaczmarek (Ghost Research Society) about my experience and he said that he has never heard of a "phantom dog" there. It was strange that it appeared 2 weeks in a row.