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Fourth of July 1976, a day I'll never forget. My older brother Stan, my younger brother Joe, and I, decided to go to a local Carnival. We got the bright idea to stop off at a local Haunted Cemetery first. It was dusk, the sun was setting, and we parked just outside a narrow gravel path, lined with tall trees on either side. It used to be that cars could enter this gravel road, but it's now closed off to autos. This is the entrance to Bachelor's Grove, a notoriously haunted graveyard south of Chicago.

As you enter the gravel path on foot, you can still hear the traffic, but the eerie quality of the surroundings makes you feel isolated. Trees line either side of the path, and I found myself looking for something to jump out at me as we cautiously made our way towards the graveyard. All I am conscious of at this point is the noise of our feet on the gravel and the sound of our breathing. Did I mention that I always wear running shoes when I visit here? You just never know...

The path seems forever long, although it's not. An eerie feeling invades us, as we don't know what to expect, and our adrenaline is in high gear. The rustling of leaves and cracking branches to the left and right make us jumpy as we look towards the sounds in the trees to the left and right of us. I tell myself it's only birds, or maybe a squirrel. Finally, we see the chain link fence to the right, the forest is to the left and all around us. I eye what's beyond the fence. There are gravestones peppered throughout the trees, not in any organized fashion. This is unlike any modern cemetery that I've known.

We walk beyond the chain link fence and survey the grounds. It's a real small cemetery, smack dab in the middle of a forest preserve. Old tombstones date as far back as the late 1800's, and several are toppled and some are defaced, the work of Satanists, I later found out. We went from stone to stone and read what was still readable. I saw one that said "Infant Daughter" and another "Baby."

At one point, my brother Joe said, "Look, I want to go get a sandwich from this house." Stan and I looked past Joe's pointing finger and saw a small white house set back in the woods, and because it was growing darker, we also saw a glowing golden light coming from the 2 windows. I said, "I didn't see that house when we came in, maybe it's the caretaker's house?"

Stan said, "Joe, we'll get something to eat at the Carnival." We walked around a little more, it was 8:30pm, and growing darker so we decided to leave. We looked around and didn't see the house anymore! We looked and looked, turning in circles, and just couldn't see it!

That October, I read an article in a newspaper about Haunted spots around Chicago. I got chills when I read that many people have reported seeing a disappearing house in Bachelor's Grove! It definitely rekindled my interest in the paranormal, as well as making sure that this wouldn't be my last visit to Bachelor's Grove.

In the summer of 1985, my Aunt and cousin Patrick from Texas came to Chicago for a visit. After my brother Joe and I told Pat about Bachelor's Grove, he wanted to see it for himself. We decided to go to Bachelor's Grove early one morning, before sunrise. We brought a Polaroid camera, and wore running

We arrived at the entrance, a narrow gravel road. It was still before sunrise. Filled with a sense of adventure and fear, we began our walk down the path. The gravel crunched beneath our feet, our hearts pounded. A funny thing I noticed about walking down this path, is that no one ever talks out loud, we only whisper. We stopped a few times to take pictures of the path as we neared the cemetery gates. We hear crackling branches and stirrings in the thick bushes and trees that flank either side of the path.

Once we arrived at the gated fence to the right, we walked through it. At once, we began the usual ritual of walking from one desecrated gravestone to the next, our eyes constantly spanning our surroundings, not wanting to miss a thing. At several points we took more pictures with the Polaroid, hoping that we could capture some paranormal activity.

The sky began to lighten with soft hues of purple, blue, and orange, as the sun began to rise. Having taken several pictures, and experiencing nothing unusual but our own fear, we decided to leave.

Once home, we looked at the developed photos and saw nothing unusual at the time. At least not at first glance!

A few months later, my brother Joe called me and said I had to come over right away and see the pictures we took at Bachelor's Grove. He said there were ghosts, images that can't be explained. I really can't recall if I went over there that day, or the next day, perhaps it was the weekend. My work schedule was quite hectic.

I arrived at the house to find Joe at the kitchen table with a bright light and a magnifying glass. The Polaroids we took were laid out on the table and he was jumping out of his skin! He said, "Mary! Look at this! See?" I didn't see a thing, at first. He picked up another photo and said,"See the lady? Here!" I could tell he was getting frustrated with me...LOL!

I saw the same photos full of foliage and trees and gravestones that we took months earlier. He then told me that the images were translucent, and that they seemed to pop out three dimensionally from the photos. I finally saw what he was trying to show me! One of the pics that we took while walking down the gravel road on our way to the cemetery gates has faces looking at us, both from the left and the right! These faces aren't human, although we can see typical features of the eyes, nose, mouth, forehead, and chin. These images are other-worldly and evil in appearance.

I have a huge rush of chills thinking that these "things" were watching us and right there with us that innocent morning. Wrinkly foreheads and evil eyes just popped right out at me. I grabbed the magnifying glass in an attempt to explain this all away scientifically. If this has never happened to you, let me explain try to dispute it, to find a plausible explanation. Bad film? Shadows and light playing tricks? Anything to find an explanation.

Do you think I'm nuts yet? The next photo I looked at revealed the image of a woman in a long white dress, and I can make out her face and hair in a "bun" atop her head. The chilling part is that she is holding an axe at her side, with the axe blade on the ground. She doesn't look real happy.

The next photo has an image of a translucent man standing in the distance, but within the graveyard. Our impression is that he is a soldier, it appears that way by his dress, and he has a rifle over his shoulder. It could be a farmer though, we can't tell for sure.

One photo that is extremely upsetting is what appears to be a little blond-haired boy about four or five years of age. I say that because of his chubby cheeks. He has what appears to be a bandage around his forehead and there is the appearance of blood coming from his nostrils. This translucent image covers a large part of the center of this photo. He appears sad, and the feeling we have is that something terrible happened to this little boy.

We have since looked at these photos many, many times since then. We still see these images to this day. The next 3 stories will tell you about our Ouija Board experiences, and also our eventual contact with the little boy in the photo.

In 1987, my brother and I decided to play around with the Ouija Board. This was a no-no, according to our mother, because many years ago she had a strange experience with one and considers them evil. We met to use the Ouija board when she wasn't home.

Our mother spent a couple months in San Diego, and we decided to pull out the Ouija Board. After warming it up, and concentrating, the pointer began to pull into perfect figure eights. I asked Joe if he was doing it, and he said no, and he asked me if I was doing it. We said "hello" to the entity, and it spelled "hi".

This "spirit" or whatever you call it was able to move the pointer really fast, not missing a letter the whole time. The "pull" of the pointer was really strong and sure. We asked him if he had a name, and he spelled out H.U.J. We pronounce it as rhyming with "Budge." Also, we were not afraid of this spirit, because our feelings and impressions were that he was friendly and had a good sense of humor.

We asked H.U.J. about past lives. I asked him how many past lives I've had, and he replied "95." Joe asked him the same question, and H.U.J. replied with "0."

I really can't recall all of the contacts we had with H.U.J. as there were many of them over time. His trademark movements were perfect and controlled figure eights, and sharp pulls when spelling out words. At one point, our request for H.U.J. brought us in contact with an evil spirit trying to pass itself off as H.U.J. I'll get into that story later.

One night, my brother Joe and I were looking at the Polaroid photos that we took at Bachelor's Grove. We just have to look at these pics from time to time, it's just amazing! We decided to pull out the Ouija Board and try to contact the little boy. After a warm-up, we got the ever familiar H.U.J. and we asked him if we could get in contact with the boy in the photo. H.U.J. then pointed to "Yes" and in his quick and flawless manner, spelled out "BILLY" on the Board. We thanked him, as we always do, good manners seem to impress some spirits!

Next, as we had the Polaroid of the little boy "spirit" in front of us, we called for him. Now, the movements of the pointer were, I guess one could say, unsure, as unsure as a little boy could be. Billy was a poor speller, and at first it was a jumble of meaningless letters. He was finally able to control the pointer a little to communicate with us. We tried to limit our questions to Yes/No questions to help him out.

We found out he was five years old, and he spelled more than once that he was murdered. He seemed sad, and so were we. He wanted us to find his killer. He was really insistent that we do this. Of course, I suppose that's impossible, as we could never pinpoint the year of his death, or who may have done this to him.

One night, as we were communicating with Billy through the Ouija board, I asked him to give us a sign that he really was "around". In under a minute, there was a sharp rapping sound "rap-rap-rap-rap" on the patio doors which were less than 10 feet from us.

Here we were communicating with spiritual entities on the Ouija board and we are completely scared sh*tless when one decides to knock on a door? I can still recall the color drain from my face as my heart pounded, and how I yelled after my brother, "Don't leave me here! Wait for MEeeeeee!"

He was heading for the front door and out of the house, and he had no intentions of waiting for me! He hopped into his Firebird and I hopped in too and we sped down the street. We drove around the neighborhood for awhile trying to sort out what just happened.

The entity "Billy" had answered my request to show us a sign, and we didn't seem to handle it very well. In light of the pictures and the disappearing house and contacting strange spirits through the Ouija board, one would think we wouldn't be quite so rattled!

All I can tell you is that the sharp rapping on the patio doors had to be Billy! The backyard is surrounded by a 6 foot fence, the gates were locked as usual, and this has never happened before or since.