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© ? - Unknown

One time out at Bachelor's Grove, three friends and I decided to wander the woods around dusk. This would prove to be one of the wierdest days of my life. The little trek start out normal enough as we began walking up the withered road off of Midlothian Turnpike. As we approached the cemetery, Dave and Chris started walking into the woods to the south. Jim and I continued west. About mid-way between the cemetery's entrance gate and the creek, we saw an old man walking. He was dressed quite normally and I assumed he was just a litle old man who lived nearby and he was out for a walk. As we got closer, I could see that he was carrying something. I want to say it was an old fashioned lantern, but I can't be sure because, at this point, his hand was obscured by the bushes and bursh in front of him. Although he was slightly off to the left, he always seemed to be heading towards us despite the bushes and stuff that were in his way. We figured he was on a path that we couldn't see yet. Jim and I kept walking forward as we watched him. Soon, he was behind a tree and we couldn't see him. The next thing I remember is Jim screaming, "Holy Fuck!" I swung around to look at the old man and saw him emerging from the tree. I couldn't believe I was seeing a man walk THROUGH a tree, but I saw Jim running so I started running too. Once we got back to the entrance path, we stopped and looked back, but we didn't see anyone. About 10 minutes later, after we caught our breath and calmed down, we went to look for the guy who was heading toward us at the time. But he was nowhere to be found.

ARCHIVE NOTATION:  Old man with possible lantern in his hand is witnessed walking through a tree.