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Found: 08-31-2009

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 35
Sign: Scorpio
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio
Country: US

I would like to go and tell about the most impressive trance I've ever been in, and even though it took place in Bachelor's Grove, it wasn't even in the cemetary, but further along the trail that leads you to the cemetary. I never even went back there until we were filming the documentary last year. I also didn't know that that's where the house foundation was located. I know that makes me sound like a novice, but there was a reason for that and it's because further west on the same street, you have Bachelor's Grove woods and I had a very interesting time there whenever I went, but, again, that's another blog for me to get to this week. So here we go with this one:

Lenny, Wally and I were doing a mini investigation for the documentary and after it was done, we walked on a bit. We came to a little dropoff that shows a little rocky stream below it and I was struck by how pretty it was and I was impressed by it. So I walked to the little cliff, if you could call it that and looked down. That's when I saw a reinactment of something terrible that happened a long time ago and it was so horribly vivid. There's a little girl strongly associated with the cemetary and people who visit usually leave little gifts for her on her stone. I always saw a visual in my mind of how she looked, which is no more than seven years old, blond hair tied back with a red ribbon, a white dress with red markings on it. What's odder than that is that when I first met Lenny, he saw her in the exact same way as I did and this is before we met eachother. I always had the feeling that she died by drowning, even though there are many rumors as to how she died. I was always trying to figure out how she could have possibly drowned, except for the mosquito pond, but I knew she didn't die there. Well, I saw the reinactment of her death. I also had the feeling that Native Americans were tied in to her death somehow for I felt their presence very strongly in the area.

Upon looking down, I saw a group of Native Americans running around in the stream and two or three of them were holding the girl's head under the water, causing her to drown. I at first thought that this was a mere reinactment, till the leader of the group caught sight of me and he stopped whatever it was he was doing and was looking right at me. Soon, other members of the tribe did the same thing, and then all of them were looking at me. My impression was that even though they were genuine spirits, they had to replay this drowning scene over and over because it was their punishment for something. The Natives began communicating with me and even though I couldn't understand their meaning, Dave was basically being the translator for me. They were very happy that somebody came along that was able to see them because this had some sort of release for them regarding the scene that I saw. They also conveyed that they didn't start this, it was either the father or an uncle of the girl's who wronged them somehow and they had no choice but to do this and they were very relieved when I believed them and still do. After the conversation, their presence faded greatly after that.