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May 8, 2006

Well I first of all like to start off by saying I got into the paranormal a good 5-6 months ago. I got into it the paranormal by starting off wathcing ghost videos on the interent not knowing that there is this mass of people into the same thing as I am. I also started paranormal investegation (ghost hunting) 3 months ago, with the intent of seeing somthign with my own eyes to prove to myself that somthing is really out there. What I am about to say did prove that somthing else out there really exisits.

It was last thursday. Me and my fellow paranormal investegators planned a trip to go to bachelors grove cemetery in chicago. It was a group of five of us. three of us are belivers, including me, and the other two are extreme skeptics. I usually go paranomral investegation (ghost hunting) with the two skeptics and the two belivers are new to our group. One is a very powerful medium. I was a little skeptical on his mediumship and basicly made him prove that he was one, of course he was.

So we set off to bachlers grove cemetery which by the way if you dont' know is proulby one of the most haunted places in the united states, very scary place yet beatiful at the same time. We decide to leave at around 11:00pm from our locations and to get there would take about a good 30 minutes. We are heading over like normal and finally get there.

While we are in the cemetery we decided to split into two groups (kinda like scooby doo, no making fun I have beent here five times before with my other friends We decide that i would take the medium with me since i know my way around that place, and the rest would go together in the other group. So me and Kyle (not his real name becuase he doesn't want the world to know he is a medium but his wish) head over to the lagoon there and stand on a small peice of land that somewhat points out into the water. Kyle sees auras, spirits, and he could even see my spirit guide erin. He is very intrigued with the place and walks ahead about 15-20 feet from me, while i just wait in the spot we where before just looking around when all of a sudden I see somones cherry from a cig. I look at it and think nothing of it when it suddently hit me. CHEERIES ON CIG'S ARE NOT BLUE!!! Oh my god i said and kyle hearing me comes to me I am like kyle do you see that its like a blue orb on the ground (it was teh size of a pea) i was about to touch it when he told me to not touch it becuase it was the spirit of a naive spirit that was a young girl that recently died, like 10-20 years.

I am excited as all hell becuase I have never seen anythign that clear with my eyes on somhting paranormal. It blinked in at out some times and sometimes just glowed there like a cheery on a cig. It also moved when it blinked in and out about 5 feet radius. It was the most beatiful things i have ever seen in my life and was telling kyle that was my first time ever seeing somthing that clear. He was like it is the first of many.

We where staning there looking at it while it finally shoot aways. Then the group i was with came to where we where about a good 20-30 minutes later and saw the same exact thing. The skeptics to this day still can't explain it and they dont' want to say its paranormal ( they are just afraid it could be paranormal, or even a ghost spirit).

Well that was the first encoutner at bachleors grove cemetery and the second was also wintenessed by everyone ( 5 people total) It was when we finally decided to leave the cemetery after a good 3-4 hours of investegationg everwhere around the cemetery.

The path to get to the cemetery is somwhat narrow wide enough for a compact car to get through and is sided by thick woods on each side. From the main road to bachloers grove cemetery is about half a mile- a quater of a mile. We where leaving the cemetery when kyle said to us.

We are being followed by a spirit that I have never felt before, he also said it was a man, it was defently a negetive spirit. We didn't bring flash lights becuase we forgot them int he car. So the path was black even though our eyes where ajusted to the darkeness there was still the path behind us had some black spots we couln't see. Kyle told us to look. We all looked behind and we ALL saw a black shadowdy figure. You can barly make out the shape but hte legs you cna totaly make out. It was the most freakiest thing i ever saw in my life. I was scared and excited at the same time. Of course being the scardy cat i was was calling for my spirit guide erin to protect me and such. It was walking in such a weird way that if i would describe it would be like 3 pages long (lol). Event he skeptics saw it and couldn't explain it.

To basicly say these encounters that i saw at bachleors grove cemetery in chicago basicly changed my life. I now know at least for my self that somthing else is out there. Weither you call it ghosts spirits angels demons or whatever everyone in my group saw somthing that we can't explain.