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FOX - Paranormal Activity At Midlothian Haunted Cemetery

FOX - Paranormal Activity At Midlothian Haunted Cemetery
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October 28, 2011 - 10:00 P.M.
Host: Tammie Souza
Guest: Andy Seitz
Guest: Doug Larsen
Guest: Pete Crapia

BROADCAST CORRECTION/NOTATION: Some images have incorrect ownership names. The date for the oldest headstone still remaining is incorrect due to audio editing by the network. Some quotes are not exact within the online article.

By Tammie Souza, FOX Chicago News

Midlothian, Ill. - One of the country's most haunted cemeteries is in Chicago’s backyard. Its a small space, hidden deep in the woods in south suburban Midlothian.

Deep in the forest preserves of southern Cook County lies what is known as the most haunted cemetery in the world.

A long and winding gravel trail leads us to the overgrown and eerie entrance of Bachelor's Grove infamous for its unearthly images, strange sounds and floating orbs.

One afternoon during a photo and recording session, paranormal investigators Doug Larson and Andy Seitz said they had the scare of a lifetime.

“I thought my bag got caught on a bush or something, because there was tugging,” Larson said. “So I’m just taking pictures, and I go turn around like this and there is no bush, I go back and all the sudden something is yanking like a little kid."

“I turned around and when I did I saw his camera bag come up off his shoulder, three times,” Seitz said. “He went ghost white and I went ghost white.”

"I came running over here with my recorder that was still going and I asked, are you the one who scared my friend?” Andy recalled. “It was the only thing I could think to ask, and sure enough as we reviewed it we heard this voice come out of nowhere, just ominous, it said, ’Yes,’ and we both just got the chills, got the hair standing up on my neck, and we had both decided we had stayed out our welcome and it was time to leave."

The encounter took place near a headstone. Scattered throughout the cemetery are old and crumbling headstones. Pete Crapia, a steward with the Cook County Forest Preserves, has heard all the ghostly tales.

The oldest headstone here is back in the 1830s is tied to a senator.

“The most well known apparition was a translucent woman dressed in old fashioned clothes seen perched on this headstone,” Crapia said. “It was photographed with an infrared camera.”

"The photographer was standing over there behind us,” Crapia said. “They said they didn't see anything at the time. It's been reviewed by Kodak, Kodak couldn't give a definitive answer so it remains a mystery."

Other ghostly images include this figure walking and reports of black apparitions and blue floating orbs. The nearby pond is even haunted with stories of a phantom farm house that appears and weird splashing sounds and ghostly mystery cars seen dumping bodies.

There are nearly 200 bodies buried in this cemetery, and some of the paranormal activity has taken place with the headstones. This one has mysteriously moved from one end of the cemetery to the other several times, and experts can't explain how that happened.

Above one headstone for a husband and wife these unexplained circles have repeatedly appeared, and throughout the cemetery visitors leave personal items for the ghostly inhabitants. As dusk begins my guides urge us to leave quickly because once night falls anything is possible in the world’s most haunted cemetery.