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Travel Channel - Ghost Adventures

Travel Channel - Ghost Adventures
© 2012 Travel Channel
Season 7, Episode 2

The photographs below were presented on this episode of Ghost Adventures.

Captured by John Stephenson of (not

ARCHIVE CORRECTION/NOTATION: These two separate infrared images were incorrectly submitted to the Travel Channel as being of paranormal in nature. These images show Pete Crapia, founder of the Bachelors Grove Cemetery & Settlement Research Center, walking into view of John Stephenson's camera as it was automatically capturing photographs. Pete Crapia was inspecting the tree due to something invasive growing on it. The Forest Preserve District of Cook County removed the tree.

After leaving the field-of-view to the camera, John Stephenson mentions that he was capturing photographs and must have forgotten the conversation he had with Pete Crapia when these photographs were captured. Pete Crapia told him to remember to delete the photographs to avoid any mistakes.

The following was posted by John Stephenson on the Internet.

"I was going through some infrared pictures I had taken three years ago and I think I found something interesting... See what you think? Look dead center on this image, do you see a man kneeling looking to the left? Download both of these pictures and make a slideshow... Pay close attention to the center. These picture where taken in IR 2 seconds seconds apart."