Funding & Donations

The Grove Restoration Project never obtained legal tax exemption staus but it still behaved as a non-profit. All donations received were used to cover the costs of hosting the web site, cleaning materials, tools, voicemail, fax, text messaging, office supplies and much more.

Years later the Forest Preserve District of Cook County allowed access to miscellaneous tools and materials after the Grove Restoration Project officially adopted the area for cleaning and beautification. Today, the Forest Preserve District of Cook County maintains the cemetery grounds. As of at least 2020 legal ownership still resides under the Real Estate Management Office of Cook County.


Amanda Halko, Amanda Lubben, Anthony Sons III, Andrew Wognum, Ben "Arok" Skora, Bill Swinford, Brandi Miller, Carol Douglas, Cathleen Wolff, Cecilia Pelke, Charles Petrey, Cheri Swinford, Christine Sinwelski, Daryl Barnett, David Powell, Diane Wieck, Frank Schmeda, Hank - Anonymous, Jennifer Lauer, John H Diaz, John Girdwain, Karen Smolenski, Karl K., Katherine Hebenstreit, Keith Raaum, Kevin Graff, Kristen Oakley, Lance Hoagland, Lisa Sanderson, Maribeth Kasik, Mary R. Lauer, Matt Galik, Michael Collins, Michael Sullivan, Phillip Dankowski, Robin Winterberg, Sonya Bradfield, Stacie Haas, Sylvia Moody, Tony Vosejpka, Ursula Bielski, Walter Dworak


Goal for 2013: $225

Raised in 2013: $130

Debt (2000 - 2012): -$3541

The costs of tools, materials, web hosting and much more added up to the debt as shown. But the rewards of helping to ensure Bachelors Grove cemetery is taken care of and remembered by future generations is priceless.

Fun Historical Fact

It required a permit before the garbage can shown was officially granted by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. It was safely secured to the fence via metal clamps and served as an excellent way to keep the area clean. Prior to its placement a garbage bag would be hung from the fence. At the expense of GRP volunteers and with prior permission, the rusty tainted can was custom painted and stencils were used for the text printed on it.

Sadly, prior to the GRP retiring its operations, the garbage can experienced vandalism at the hands of GRP ex-volunteer Karl Kochmann by spray painting over both the FPD and GRP text. He then proceeded to solicit a "survey" back to his Facebook page. In late 2016 a local resident had admitted to removing the can and took it home after replacing it with a different style. During this same time period an advertisement was created by Karl Kockmann and Ursula Bielski with Karl placing his name on the can. This piece of history is now lost forever.