Paranormal History

Bachelors Grove & Paranormal Activity

Since as far back as the 1950s stories have circulated about paranormal activity taking place out at Bachelors Grove cemetery and its immediate area. After well over five decades many of these tales have now become common knowledge among the local communities

But what are these tales that the locals speak of and are there any facts to support them? If so, how did they begin and where does it all stand today? Given the nature of paranormal phenomenon there may never be a definitive answer to all of the tales.

Bachelors Grove - Paranormal Activity Map

Paranormal Google Map

Looking for specific locations where paranormal phenomena has been reported at or near the cemetery? View a compiled Google Map of reported paranormal locations.

PLEASE NOTE: The following information was compiled through extensive research that is still considered on-going. The amount of information available on the subject of the paranormal as it relates to Bachelors Grove cemetery would encompass a book. For the moment, due to time constraints and pending interviews the list of information is based upon the more popular stories.

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