Geocaching is an activity where someone hides an object in a particular location and then publishes the GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates so that others can find it using a GPS receiver. That is the short version of Geocaching. For a more in-depth look into Geocaching you should check out the FAQ section compiled by

Bachelors Grove Geocaching on the PodCache talk show.

Bachelors Grove Woods

Bigfoot - by Swinney17
Read the Trees - by Swinney17
Master Spy - by Corp Of Discovery
Pump It Up - by coolandcocoa
Sit N Seek - by coolandcocoa
The Best - by coolandcocoa
The Trees - by Swinney17 & Jakesdiner
Trust - by Panther in the Den & Badlands
Bachelors Grove Cache - by Geogeek65

Bachelors Grove Cemetery

Apparition - by Swinney17
23rd Birthday Cache - by geocachador MyztiKCachE
Bachelor's Camp - by coolandcocoa
Bachelor's Pad - by coolandcocoa
Crop Circle - by Swinney17
GeoCachadorz - by geocachador MyztiKCachE
History Lesson #5 – Our Heritage - by SoulDancer & Swinney17
I Wonder - by Swinney17
Bachelors Grove Cemetery & Settlement - by Swinney17
NoLemon’s 1000th - by Corp Of Discovery
Power Of Love - by ltz06
Samuel Taylor Coleridge - by Boogerbarnes02
Splits - by michigan_chris
Spooky Tree - by Swinney17
The Back Door - by Swinney17
Ghost Stories: Bachelors Grove - by Tammiejo & Mephisto