Welcome to The Grove

Many have seen it for themselves and many have heard its legends. For some, it is a place of happiness, where family would once have picnics and swim in its pond, remembering their lost loved ones. For others, it is a place of sorrow and amazement, where people see balls of light floating among them and human forms appear, only to vanish before their eyes.

Come take a tour of one of the most talked about cemeteries in the world. Discover for yourself how much there is to know and cherish about this most desecrated and historical cemetery in all of Illinois. Learn what kind of people are buried here and how they helped form the surrounding communities. Even find out what you can do to help save one of the most historical landmarks in all of Illinois.

Hi, I'm Pete. This website was born in 2000 and has gone through many changes. In 2016 everything was transitioned over to Google to help ensure that the information remains available forever. Many other people have contributed to the information found within this Library and I appreciate every single one of you!

To reach me please start by using the forum and I will contact you through email if necessary. Just like all of those buried at the cemetery, I will not be around forever. So please thank Google for their excellent services and helping to retain all of this information for future generations.

Over the years many people have requested that I write a book about Bachelors Grove. To do so would require a type of encyclopedia. While that would be fun, additional information is always being collected and updates to any material already in "print" would not be practical. Consider this website as the encyclopedia, always available, updated, and free to the public.

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